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What is Enterprise Connect

The Enterprise Connect (EC) project is a major step forward in providing our customers with a highly secure and feature-rich authentication interface. By addressing the limitations of our previous user/authentication system, which was integrated with our API, EC offers several significant improvements:

  • Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities
  • User federation to streamline the login process across multiple applications
  • API key integration for added convenience
  • Enhanced user profile management, enabling users to update their information easily
  • Support for multiple organizations within a single enterprise
  • Customizable authentication options for each customer, ensuring a personalized experience

We're confident that the Enterprise Connect project will greatly enhance the user experience and provide greater flexibility and security for our valued customers.

Organization vs Enterprise

One limitation of the previous implementation, is the fact that the concepts of Organization and Enterprise were interchangeable. One Organization was equal to one Enterprise.

In this configuration, it was difficult to centralize and mutualize different ressources and features across organizations. For instance, a customer might want to have a group of user for each departement of his company, and activate a feature (across all these groups) which allows his users to log in with a well known external identity provider. This eventuality, highlight the need of a super set which could contain all features and resources made available to a given customer or prospect. This super set is the notion of Realm.

A Realm manages a set of users, credentials, roles, and groups. A user belongs to and logs into a Realm. Realms are isolated from one another and can only manage and authenticate the users that they control. With the introduction of the Realm we can now represent our user management system as following:

image user-management-arch

Where each Enterprise will have its own Realm with a set of Organization. Their users will be able to join one or several Organizations in their Realm as a member or as an admin.

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