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Astran S6: Secure Cloud Storage Made Simple within Salesforce

Introducing Astran S6: Extending Astran's Power to the Salesforce Platform Astran S6 is a groundbreaking expansion of the Astran solution that seamlessly integrates with the Salesforce platform. With Astran S6, users can unlock the full potential of Astran's advanced data protection, compliance, and seamless digital transformation capabilities within their Salesforce environment. Experience the next level of secure data management and leverage the power of Astran's cutting-edge technology within the familiar Salesforce ecosystem.

In practical terms, Astran S6 empowers organizations to easily designate specific fields and attachments in Salesforce for comprehensive protection. With features like Zero Trust, least privileges, granular access control, immunity to the Cloud Act, and compliance coverage with GDPR, Astran S6 ensures that only authorized & legitimate individuals have access to the designated data. Rest assured that neither Salesforce, nor Astran, nor any service supplier, can access this data, providing an unparalleled level of security and privacy.

Figure: Extending Astran's Power to the Salesforce PlatformFigure: Extending Astran's Power to the Salesforce Platform

In the following sections, we will explain Astran combined components that insure the cloud-based secure object storage.